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ssh:c has several 3D printers for use by members.

Reprap Prusa

The space has one Reprap Prusa i2 in a functional state.

This Prusa has a geared, stepper-based extruder, a non-heated build plate, and uses an Azteeg X3 as a controller. Its nozzle width is currently .5mm.

The lack of heated build plate means that prints in ABS plastic will not turn out well, with curling and other issues, so the printer is recommended for PLA only.

The software that seems to work best is Repetier-Host, though Printrun is also usable. The slicer most commonly used is Slic3r.

TODO: Post detailed configs for getting prints out of Repetier-Host/Slic3r, detail some of its features, include more pictures. Once standalone 3D print server exists, document it.

Makerbot Cupcake

The Makerbot Cupcake is fitted with a heated build platform suitable for printing ABS or PLA plastic. Work is currently underway to retrofit it with a stepper extruder and generally allow it to be better at printing. It is currently nonfunctional.


  • Solder up new wire for the hot end's heater resistor
  • Solder wire for the heated bed
  • Kapton tape the thermistor into place on the hot end
  • Calibrate E steps
  • Set up the Z endstop
  • Test the heated bed and hot end

Reprap Prusa 2

The second Prusa in the space needs much more work. The frame needs to be properly sized and tightened, the bed, carriages, and motors need to be installed, the extruder needs to be assembled, etc. It may be considered for parts scavenging instead of building out.