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An Altogether Lovely Internet Chatting Experience

Alice is the persistent webchat client many members use to access IRC. Full documentation is available at its github. Alice itself is a single-user application; we use Catlady to do the heavy lifting of managing multiple users.

The application is not LDAP-integrated, so in order to use it, you have to contact Mason for an account.

If you want a specific password, run the following perl script and send Mason the salted hash and the username you want.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use autodie;
use Digest::SHA1 ();

use v5.10;

sub salt {
  Digest::SHA1::sha1_hex join "-", shift, "asdlfuhasdlguhcxvhchangme";

sub genpass {
  join "", map { ("a".."z","A".."Z",0..9)[rand 62] } 0..8;

my $password = @ARGV[0];
$password = genpass unless defined $password;
my $salted = salt $password;

say "Password: $password";

say "Give Mason the string '$salted' and he'll put it in the database";

IRC information is stored in a database that administrators have the ability (though not the desire or attention span) to read. If you're registered with nickserv or something, that password is stored unencrypted in the database. That means that you don't want to use the same password on IRC networks as you do on your banking websites or Facebook. IRC is also not a private medium, so keep that in mind.