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General Questions

What's a hackerspace?

What tools y'all got?

Can I build a battlebot by next week?

Personal Questions

So, like, can I weld?

You sure can! But not in the hackerspace. Our insurance expressly forbids us from doing hot work (forging, welding, plasma cutting, brazing) in the space. It is definitely something we are interested in pursuing, but plans to include an area in the current space for it did not pan out.

You holding, man?

Our events are member-run. If you want to host an event (a cryptoparty, office hours for a programming language, a group class, etc) you just need to either be a member or find a member to host it. Make sure there aren't any other things scheduled by checking our Calendar first!

How can I participate in your hackermajig?

Uncomfortable Questions


So, is there a Mrs. DimaV?

Is this a good place to show up and hit on girlzzzzzzz?

No. Treat others with respect. Part of that means not making advances on people. We're a hackerspace, not a singles bar.

When is the bikeshed painting meeting?