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=== Woodworking ===
=== Woodworking ===
* 1x Ridgid joiner
* 1x Ridgid joiner
* Delta TP400LS planer (manual: [[File:DeltaTP400LS.pdf]])
* [[Delta planer]] (manual: [[File:DeltaTP400LS.pdf]])
* Dremel Moto-Shop 57-2 scroll saw (manual: [[File:DremelMotoshop.pdf]])
* [[Dremel scroll saw]] (manual: [[File:DremelMotoshop.pdf]])
* Delta BS100 bandsaw (manual: [[File:DeltaBS100.pdf]])
* [[Delta bandsaw]] (manual: [[File:DeltaBS100.pdf]])
* Ridgid BS14002 bandsaw (manual: [[File:Ridgid_BS14002.pdf]])
* [[Ridgid bandsaw]] (manual: [[File:Ridgid_BS14002.pdf]])
* Northern Industrial 14" chopsaw
* [[Northern Industrial chopsaw]]
* Skil 3320 drill press (manual: [[File:Skil3320.pdf]])
* [[Skil drill press]] (manual: [[File:Skil3320.pdf]])
=== Electronics ===
=== Electronics ===

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  • 1x Aoyue 853D+ soldering iron/hot air rework/power supply
  • 1x Tektronix 465 analog oscilloscope (manual: File:465 v6.pdf)
  • 1x Rigol DS1052E digital storage oscilloscope
  • 2x Digital multimeter
  • Launchpad MSP430 Development Kit
  • 2x Launchpad Stellaris (32-bit) Development Kit
  • eZ430 MSP430 Development Kit
  • GoodFET Swiss army serial interface tool
  • IM-ME and dongle
  • Arduino Mega
  • 20x4 LCD Display
  • 42U Server Rack with ~30U available for member use
  • Laserjet 5MP printer
  • WRT54GL Router
  • Crimpers and assorted tools for network and coaxial cables

Bicycle Maintenance

  • Bicycle pump, schraeder/presta
  • Bicycle tire levers
  • Additional supplies pending, but will include allen and 8/9/10mm tri-wrenches, chain whip, headset wrenches, pedal wrenches, spoke wrenches, crank puller, chain tool, bottom bracket wrench, lockring and freewheel wrench courtesy of Working Bikes

3D Printers

We have a Makerbot Cupcake capable of printing PLA and ABS, a Reprap Prusa i2 capable of printing PLA, and a Thing-O-Matic currently pending transfer to the space.

We also have several spools of PLA and ABS filament.

A basic guide to calibration and use can be found on the 3D Printers page.

The Soft Stuff

  • Coffee, with a drip coffeemaker and an Aeropress available
  • Electric kettle for tea and Aeropress usage
  • Mini-fridge, with cans of pop

Things people have, and will be moved to the space:

(needed: computer that can run a compatible version of Xilinx ISE [~10.1] on Windows or Linux)