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South Side Hackerspace: Chicago
Ssh-chicago horizontal banner.png
South Side Hackerspace: Chicago
Founded March 7th, 2012
Address 1048 W. 37th St., Suite #105 Chicago, IL 60609
Phone (872) 529-5334
IRC channel: #sshc
Calendar calendar of events
Leadership Board of Directors


Welcome to the South Side Hackerspace: Chicago wiki page! Our wiki acts as a resource to the public and members alike. Please take a look around and let us know if you have any questions!

Our Mission

    Establish and maintain a community space wherein the Hackerspace’s Members may gather, work on projects, collaborate, and share knowledge;
    Foster a network for innovative thinking, education, and creative endeavors in our local community and the hacker community at large.

Who we are

We are a group of makers and hackers who have started a hackerspace on the south side of Chicago (in Bridgeport). We are seeking hackers, tinkerers, hobbyists, crafters, artists and doers to help us create a social, educational and collaborative space for ourselves and the community. You can learn more about hackerspaces on and Wikipedia. If you have questions about us in particular, check our FAQ.

We're currently open for hacking! If you're interested, feel free to stop by our regular general body meetings, every Wednesday at 7:30PM!

Visit us

We are currently located at Bubbly Dynamics, 1048 W 37th St, Unit #105, Chicago, IL 60609.

Get Involved

Become a Member

South Side Hackerspace is gathering steam with 50+ strong members who are invested in STEM+ education, collaboration, and self-improvement. If you are interested in becoming a member please attend one of our weekly General Body meetings on Wednesdays at 7:30PM.

We have some equipment on hand and ready to use, and are currently accepting donations.

  • See something on our Wishlist that you have lying around? Put it to good hackerly use! We offer discounted membership for donations.


If you would like learn more about SSH:C's day-to-day activities, upcoming meetings, and become directly involved with our organization, please:

Meetings and Projects

Weekly General Body Meetings


Machine Learning


  • Learn how to communicate securely and privately

Movie Nights

  • We have social nights and movie nights

Special Interest Groups

  • Interest Groups Exist to bring members with shared learning goals together
  • Due to their member-driven nature, meeting times/dates may vary. Keep up to date using our calendar and facebook page

Tech Projects

Please Don't

See the Wall of shame

Member Resources

See: Member Resources