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Welcome to the South Side Hackerspace: Chicago wiki!

We are a group of makers and hackers who have started a hackerspace on the south side of Chicago (in Pilsen). We are seeking hackers, tinkerers, hobbyists, crafters, artists and doers to help us create a social, educational and collaborative space for ourselves and the community. You can learn more about hackerspaces on and Wikipedia. If you have questions about us in particular, check our FAQ.

Things we Do

Resources for Members

Ways to get involved

South Side Hackerspace is gathering steam and reaching the point where we can be useful to our members. We are in Bubbly Dynamics at 1048 W 37th St, in Unit 105. click here for directions.

We have some equipment on hand and ready to use, and are currently accepting donations. See something on our Wishlist that you have lying around? Put it to good hackerly use! We offer discounted membership for donations.

If you are interested in becoming a member, fill out our membership application and join our Google Discussion Group.

If you would like to get your hands dirty and become directly involved with our organization, please join our Google Discussion Group for information about ssh:c's day-to-day activities and upcoming meetings. You can also find us in the #sshc IRC Channel on Freenode.

If you want to learn more about how we operate, take a look at our Finances.

You may also email us with any general questions.

Ways to not get involved

See the Wall of shame