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Our Stupid Network PDUs

We have two Dataprobe IP-410 network-enabled PDUs. They are a pain. Please donate us something not terrible.


Name IP address MAC Address IP set and pinging?
sshc-cgx-pdu-01 00:0D:AD:00:1A:90 Yes
sshc-cgx-pdu-02 00:0D:AD:00:1A:94 Yes

Setting the IP address

I couldn't figure out how to get these things to set their IP addresses in anything other than Windows.

In windows, just:

arp -s <IP address> <MAC address>

and then ping the IP address.

The IP address seems to persist through resets, though I don't know quite how "sticky" it is. It lasted at least 10 minutes for me to drop the PDU back in the cabinet.

Talking to them over TCP/IP

These things communicate over HTTP and Telnet.

I have no idea what the password is.

iPal  Version 2.3d
 Please Enter The Password >

It's not the default from the manual ("PASS")

The password can be up to 8 characters and is case sensitive. Please remember your password. If you forget your password the unit needs to be returned to Dataprobe or an Authorized Service Agent for reset.

-- Dataprobe iPal Manual

Password Reset can be accomplished with version 2.2 and above.

Set the ipaddress of the iPal unit.

Unplug the iPal and then plug it back in.

Within 2 minutes of powering the unit up, telnet to the unit.

When the password prompt appears enter a "CTL-Z" as the password. (that's the control key and the z key at the same time)

Then goto the setup menu and change the password of your unit.

If the unit is not 2.2 or above, the unit will need an RMA to be returned to Dataprobe to be re-programmed and upgraded.

If you are unsuccessful at resetting the password to PASS, please let me know, and I will see if I can send you new ROM instead of issuing an RMA.

--A Dataprobe CSR

I was unable to get either to accept a ^Z as a password over telnet.

Talking to them over RS232

"This connection provides for RS-232 connection for out-of-band connection to the iPAL. A terminal or modem can be attached directly to this 9 pin connector. With a modem attached, connection is made using PPP (Dial-up-Networking) and Telnet.

Connection directly to a laptop or terminal requires a null modem (crossover) cable.

With a terminal directly installed, a simple menu interface is used. These menus are identical to the telnet setup and control screens. Use any terminal emulation software to connect to the iPAL.

Connection parameters are: 19200bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (19200,8,n,1). Set flow control to OFF."

-- Dataprobe iPal Manual

Couldn't get it to work. Systems wouldn't make a peep.