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Our Stupid Network PDUs

We have two Dataprobe IP-410 network-enabled PDUs. They are a pain. Please donate us something not terrible.


Name IP address MAC Address IP set and pinging?
sshc-cgx-pdu-01 00:0d:ad:00:1a:90 Yes
sshc-cgx-pdu-02 00:0D:AD:00:1A:94 Yes

Setting the IP address

I couldn't figure out how to get these things to set their IP addresses in anything other than Windows.

In windows, just:

arp -s <IP address> <MAC address>

and then ping the IP address.

The IP address seems to persist through resets, though I don't know quite how "sticky" it is. It lasted at least 10 minutes for me to drop the PDU back in the cabinet.

Talking to them over TCP/IP

These things communicate over HTTP and Telnet.

I have no idea what the password is.

iPal  Version 2.3d
 Please Enter The Password >

It's not the default from the manual ("PASS")

Talking to them over RS232

"This connection provides for RS-232 connection for out-of-band connection to the iPAL. A terminal or modem can be attached directly to this 9 pin connector. With a modem attached, connection is made using PPP (Dial-up-Networking) and Telnet.

Connection directly to a laptop or terminal requires a null modem (crossover) cable.

With a terminal directly installed, a simple menu interface is used. These menus are identical to the telnet setup and control screens. Use any terminal emulation software to connect to the iPAL.

Connection parameters are: 19200bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (19200,8,n,1). Set flow control to OFF."

-- Dataprobe iPal Manual

Couldn't get it to work. Systems wouldn't make a peep.