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\#sshc is the IRC channel where you'll find a lot of us idling in.

Joining #sshc

\#sshc is on Freenode.

Freenode maintains a list of IRC servers you can connect to at Pick a server, connect with your IRC client, and /join #sshc.

If you'd like to connect using WebChat, try and join #sshc.


We have an in-house IRC-to-web thing now, called Alice. Find Alice here:

More information about it, including how to get an account, is on its wiki page.


Don't be a jerk. Keep the chat and links mostly work-safe, many of us chat from our offices.

Staying On Topic

... is not necessary. This is IRC, after all. Chat away about whatever.




Oscarbot is a Limnoria IRC bot that does usual boring IRC-botly duties like tracking when people come and go (oscarbot: seen minivanmegafun), searching for cat videos (oscarbot: google cat videos) and logging activity in the channel. See some of Oscabot quips here.

  • For help, say "oscarbot: help".
  • To list all installed plugins, do "oscarbot: list".
  • All plugins have multiple commands, say "oscarbot: list <pluginname>" to view them.
  • For help on a command, say "oscarbot: help <commandname>".

Oscarbot also announces changes made to the ssh:c wiki as soon as they are committed; as well as spew random Markov-chain phrases.


Baileybot is a smeggdrop-powered, Tcl-programmable bot.


Statistics are generated by Pisg.

View the channel's stats at