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History of Chicago Manufacturing Center

Contact Information

rent, lease, space needs, other general issues

  • Carolee Kokola - ckokola@bubblydynamics.com - 312/666-7965

repairs, time-sensitive building issues

  • John Edel - john@bubblydynamics.com - 773/387-8873

website - www.bubblydynamics.com


The Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center "Bubbly Dynamics" is located at 1048 West 37th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Building Security

For the safety and security of all tenants and property, the front door, dock doors, dock gate, yard door, and rooftop door much be kept closed and locked at all times unless they are in active use. Do not leave front door propped open; visitors must use the intercom to be allowed access.

No additional lock or locks shall be placed on any door in the building without Bubbly's advance written consent.

Building Properties


  • We have some amazing tenants at Bubbly! You can join the Facebook group "Bubbly Dynamics Tenants" to post about events, materials, breakroom goodies, etc...

Freight Elevator

  • The only elevator at Bubbly is a freight elevator. The maximum weight capacity is 6000 lbs. Close doors when you are done using the elevator.


  • There are two stairwells. These as well as sidewalks, entries, and corridors must be left clear and navigable at all times. Clearance must be allowed for a pallet to navigate through the corridors and docks at all times.


  • The kitchen or break room and the appliances found in it are available for tenant use. Just clean up after yourself!


  • Located in the loading/dock area.


  • We have one! Be careful on the way up, as the stairs are steep.

Machinery on 3rd Floor

  • Machinery in common areas is permitted by permission only. The machine tools in the third floor common space are maintained by Levi Borreson. Please coordinate with him if you are interested in using them. Contact: 312/863-1924 or levi@legacyframeworks.com

Building Rules


  • The building recycles glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper/cardboard. Large recycling bins are provided in the kitchen. The building takes care of emptying the recycling.

Waste Material

  • Dumpster lid should be left closed. Do not overstuff dumpster. If your project produces enough waste to require additional pickup, please coordinate with Carolee. Any fees for additional pick-ups will be passed to the tenant.
  • Creative reuse of material waste is encouraged. Check with other tenants and SSH:C members before tossing stuff out! You can also post on the FB Bubbly Tenants group or craigslist.

Loading Dock/Gate

  • Dock doors and gate must be secured unless in use. Dock area must not be left unattended. Gate is secured by a combination padlock.
  • Parking any vehicle in the loading dock area is not permitted unless loading/unloading. Max standing time is 30 mins. Use of the dock for a longer period of time requires 48 hours advance scheduling.
  • Users can only have one vehicle in the dock at one time.
  • No materials or equipment of any kind can be stored on the loading dock, not even a short period of time, except with advanced approval. Dock area must be kept available for loading at all times, and no other uses such as painting or washing items are permitted.
  • No material may be stored in corridors or in any other area adjacent to the loading dock.
  • Bubbly provides carts and a pallet jack for loading use. They must be returned to the loading dock after their use.

Noise/Smell Level

  • Noise from standard tool operation is permissible at any hour.
  • Tenants should avoid regular/frequent use of solvent-based chemicals. Adequate ventilation is required.
  • If you are interested in using the spray room in the basement, coordinate with Michael Pendleton.


  • Help keep the yard as clean as possible. There may be tenant work days to mow and remove weeds.


  • Pets are permitted in the tenant's unit but not in halls/corridors except as necessary to comply with ADA. Pets must be leashed at all times.


  • Smoke outside, 15' from entrance. Do not smoke anywhere else.

Energy Conservation

  • Turn off all machines/lights when leaving the space for the night.

Information above lifted from the Official Chicago Sustainability Manufacturing Center Tenant Handbook / Building Rules (May 2016). For the original copy see: File:Bubbly Dynamics Tenant Handbook May 2016.pdf