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Here's a wiki page of IT stuff


  • Two 1U Intel Xeon HP Proliant DL120 G6
  • One 1U Cisco Catalyst C3524-XL-R 10/100 managed switch
  • One 4U Backblaze Pod with a recent vintage Xeon SuperMicro motherboard inside
  • Two ancient 4U chassis with Athlon 1800+ boards inside
  • A pair of network-controllable, 4 port PDUs (1U)
  • One 1U Dell PowerEdge 860, Service Tag 5WK3YD1 (needs rails)

Stuff we need to buy soon

  • Rails for the Proliants (Seems like $100 each, but ebay can probably help). (HP Part number 573091-001) - Ordered Jan 11 2014 Arrived
  • Hard drive cages for the Proliants (four) (HP Part number 585183-001) - Ordered Jan 24 2014 (P/N 373211-001, ordered 1 as trial)
  • Hard drives (SATA)
  • Ears for the Catalyst ($20, can probably find cheaper if we look) - Ordered Jan 11 2014 Arrived
  • Cage nuts/bolts ($40 for a pack of 50) - Ordered Jan 11 2014 Arrived
  • A box of CAT6 cable (~$30) - Ordered Jan 11 2014 Arrived
  • Cisco Console Cable ($4) - Ordered Jan 11 2014 Arrived
  • Gruber rails or rack shelves (Approx $30 a set, and we need three or four sets)
  • Patch panel (small, 1U/20 ports is probably fine) for future drops in space (~$30)

Wishlist of stuff we want/need

  • POE Switch
  • POE Cameras
  • Small Atom or Turion boxes for internet routers