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Machine Learning Meetups @ SSH


Day/Time: Currently concurrent with tuesday evening coding hours (TECH), Tuesdays 7pm-8pm (we occasionally decide to reschedule so if you're thinking of coming, it's probably a good idea to email the SSH group list to make sure of the day/time).

Location: SSH space at Mana Contemporary

The deal: we meet to talk about Machine Learning related stuff and work on projects. In the past we have submitted entries to Kaggle competitions. We also have fairly frequent talks on Machine Learning topics. Feel free to just show up! Right now it's mostly an informal hack session / discussion session when people show up.

Just to be clear, this is what we mean by machine learning.

Current projects

A few of us are working on this project: [1], classifying forest cover types using machine learning.

We have also been going through the Elements of Statistical Learning [2].



  1. Vasa: Lasso (5/05/2014)
  2. Jerry: Decision Trees and Random Forests (04/27/2014)
  3. Jen: File:DeepLearning.pdf (04/20/2014)
  4. Phebe: Overview of Machine Learning (04/13/2014)

Useful Machine Learning Resources:

Useful things to do before coming to meetup:

1. Get your python install set up

  • Get python
  • Get packages: scikit-learn, numpy

2. Install Dropbox