New Member Onboarding and Offboarding

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This article explains our onboarding and offboarding steps for new members.


Front Door

Front door rfid



This is a notification that you now have an account on the South Side Hackerspace: Chicago LDAP server.

Currently, this account is used on our Wiki, to access our WordPress Blogging Platform, and for the space's communal laptop, though it will be used for other IT services in the future.

Your account credentials are as follows:

Username: <USERNAME>
Password: <PASSWORD>

Please change your password as soon as possible. 

You can change your password by logging into our user management portal at - you’ll be prompted to enter a new passwod on your first login. 

Wiki link:

You have full edit rights on the wiki, feel free to make any changes you’d like.


All new members have Contributor rights, and can author new articles that are placed into a moderation queue for publishing. 

If you do not like your username ("<USERNAME>"), please reply to this email as soon as possible! We're more than willing to change it to anything that's not currently used, but be aware that we may choose to reject certain usernames based on whatever arbitrary rules strike our fancy. Also, time is of the essence, it's much easier to change your username before it's published everywhere. :-)


<put your signature here>

== ipa user-add output ==
<if you use ipa user-add, put that output here> 

Mailing list

Add them to the mailing list server.

Go to

They will receive this email, which will also contain their information to manage their mailing list membership:

All active members of South Side Hackerspace:Chicago have been added to this 
list. Your login information for managing your subscription (for example, if 
you’d like to remove yourself or switch to daily digest mode) is at the end 
of this email.  Retain this email for your records.

The intent of this mailing list is to facilitate open communication between 
our members for topics that are specific to the membership. Examples would be 
planning of events, issues with the space itself, announcements of space 
maintenance, election announcements, and so on.

Please continue to use our public mailing list,, 
for anything that is open to the public or could benefit from public discussion.

If you have any questions about this list, please 


If you are an admin, you can change the text of this message at (Please update the above when you do.)


Front Door

Front door rfid


  • Disable the user in the LDAP server. This leaves their account around, but unable to do anything until it is reactivated. If a member wishes to re-join the space, simply re-activate the account.
  • Send them this email, which gives them the option to be totally purged from our rolls:

Mailing list

Unsubscribe them from the email list.

Go to, find the member's email, and Unsubscribe them.

This sends them this email:

This is a notification that you have been Unsubscribed from the sshc-members mailing list. 

Your unsubscription was processed due to one of the following:

* Your membership has lapsed

* You have cancelled your membership

* You requested to be removed from this mailing list. 

It's also possible you were removed in error.

If you have any questions, please contact the list administrators at:


This message can also be altered at