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Projects that the org or members are working on. Feel free to share interesting information about yours here, or link to another source detailing your project.

Organization Projects


What: Ongoing enhancement of our space in terms of physical organization and usability.

Who: Dmitriy with help from other members

When: From time to time as our funds and time allows.

Member Projects

RC Multicopters

A multicopter (or multirotor) is a rotorcraft with more than 2 rotors. They are pretty popular in the hacker/maker community, as well as in the advanced cinematography and aerial photography fields. Sometimes they are called quadcopters (4 rotors, very common), hexacopters (6 rotors) or octocopters (8 rotors).

Who: Dmitriy, Phil and Dan.

What: Building, flying, learning and hacking of RC multirotor craft. Currently own two cheap toy quadcopters for flight practice with intent to buy hobby-level craft, parts and equipment in the future. See the Multicopter Project Trello Board for progress.

When: Sort of on hiatus until everyone finds free time.

Scale Model Station

Who: Dmitriy

What: We were donated an Iwata airbrush compressor and a hobby-sized paint extraction hood. Since Dmitriy owns some stuff for scale model assembly and painting, including models, he would like to set up a semi-permanent station to work on scale models.

When: Sort of on hiatus until Dmitriy finds free time.

Project Ideas

Tack anything cool you can think of here!

  • P3RS - hackerspace racing
  • Capstan Jupe Style expanding table