Server Rack Rebuild

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Executive Summary

In its heyday, our server rack was home to virtualization space for our members. I'd like to bring that back, and I know some other people would like to help. So I want to lay out the general plan here. Give me a little bit of time I'm going to have a simple 16 step plan or something.

The Dream Team

For now...


The procedure for getting things up and running will be listed here so that technically minded members can work on the rack ad-hoc, hackerspace style. If you make changes, try to note them here so the rest of us can see what's been done.

The current plan is as follows

  1. Reorder the gear in the rack, tidying cables and placements. (generally the network traffic should flow top to bottom in our rack. That is to say, edge router > switch > everything else)
  2. Install harddrives on the three servers.
  3. Install proxmox on at least one, for membership virtual machine use.