Surveillance Policy

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South Side Hackerspace Chicago reserves the right to use surveillance systems on its premises. The purpose of these systems is to allow after-the-fact investigation of events, including (but not limited to):

  • Theft or damage of property
  • Significant housekeeping issues (unclaimed messes, projects and materials)
  • Member misconduct
  • Injury or death

The systems shall not be used to actively track individuals on premises.

Data collected by surveillance systems includes (but is not limited to) video recordings and logs. Surveillance data shall be deleted after 30 days. Data may be retained longer for purposes of active event investigations. Data shall be stored on SSH:Chicago premises or on approved off-site back-ups. Data shall not be publicly broadcast or published.

Data may be accessed by the Board for purposes of event investigations. The Board will inform the Membership whenever data is accessed. Board's access to the data shall be tracked. The Board reserves the right to share surveillance data with the Membership, law enforcement and insurance agencies at its discretion.

Ratified 09-27-2017.