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We need to keep our space clean! Help us do this!

  • If you store crap at the space, put it in your locker
  • If you don't have a locker, become a full member!
  • If you have a project that's too big for your locker, put it out of the way and leave a note on it. Try to not have your project sitting around for more than a month.


Occasionally a board member or area host might go on a tear and purge things. The purge process is as follows:

  • Clean This Up tickets will be placed on items/piles to be purged.
  • A picture of each item/pile will be posted to the members' mailing list.
  • Members will have two weeks to remove items from the space or make reasonable arguments why items should be kept in the space.
  • After two weeks, items will be disposed of responsibly.

Purge Events

January 2016 (45 pictures)

  • Long Robot Arm
    • Andrew has first dibs
    • Tom Chemler has second dibs
  • RepRaps
    • People with dibs:
      • Mason (for picking one or two for the space to keep)
      • Jonathan Bisson (of PS1)
      • Tom Chemler
      • Shapr suggested we offer them to other hackerspaces if they pay for shipping.
  • DeltaBot and gigantor cube 3dprinter
    • Mason is contacting Paul Kim to see what the official status of those is
    • Tom Chemler wants the Deltabot
  • CupcakeCNC -- Tom Chemler wants this.
  • Ranger seats -- Dmitriy and Phil have a plan to turn them into a bench
  • Long Box of Whatever -- goes with the LED light panels. Will be un-tagged
  • Material on the Window -- Garbage, per Dmitriy
  • Other building material -- Dmitriy and Agocs have opinions

June 2016

  • 3D printer part
  • keg taps
  • CCTV system
  • toner vacuum
  • machine foot pedal