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Email Wall of Shame

Sometimes, probably after watching the latest NCIS, people email us asking for illegal services. We will shame them here. Please please please don't doxx randos.

Tour for Blah Blah Engineering

From: blah.blah@blah.edu:

I would like a response from the email that I sent out on March 1st please. Thank you.​ [Ed. I had forgotten to get back to this student. Still: rude.]

Re: Tour for Blah Blah Engineering

To: blah.blah@blah.edu; CC: Faculty.advisor@blah.edu

Please remember in your career that people who volunteer their time never owe you a favor.

(no subject)

Do you know how to get my negative history off google?

Sent from my Sprint phone

Hoping to get some help

Hello! I came across your site after some time spent searching the Internet. I was intrigued by your site and really like what you guys are about and trying to do. With all compliments to the side haha, the reason I'm sending this e mail is because I am wondering if you provide any services? (On the hacking side of things). If not, no big deal, I understand. If so, I'd like to speak to you. Thanks again for your time. Have a good day!

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Hello I am trying to hack into my wifes facebook page and I was wondering if you could help me I would even pay you 100 dollars all I need is her password

re: Hello


Sorry, we're not that kind of hacker. You can read up on the Maker Movement to see what it is we do.

Also, and I hate to be preachy here, but you should try having a frank, open discussion with your wife rather than pay some people to get her facebook password.

Best of luck,


(no subject)

Do you guys hacked facebook accounts I would like to learn stuff about hackin

re: (no subject)


Not really, no. If you're curious about what we do, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace

If you want to learn stuff about hacking, I suggest you start by learning how to program. We have a weekly Python class if you're interested.




I came across your website and live in Chicago.

I saw you said you're open, and wasn't sure what that meant... like, are you open to be hired if I was looking for some assistance?


re: Website

Hey [REDACTED Name A],

A hackerspace is just a bunch of people who want to build stuff and a bunch of stuff for building other stuff. When we say we're open, that means we have a physical space and we have the capacity for new people to join us to do whatever they want. In short, we're not a business, just a community that has formed a legal corporation.

If you're interested in joining our community, feel free to stop by one of our Wednesday 7:30PM meetings!

If you need something specific, ask! We have a precedent for helping people out with one-off tasks. If you have something a little bigger, we could forward that to the members' list to see if anyone would be interested in helping you out.

Let me know if I can answer any questions!


re: Website

Hi Chris,

Ah, got it! Thanks for the clarification.

I'm probably in a situation you're familiar with; looking for the password of one yahoo email address, but am afraid to download anything from the internet and am not seeing anything legit.

I'm obviously willing to "donate" to help a great cause out there!

re: Website

I lost a Yahoo account some time ago. I had luck contacting their support email account. It take patience, but they were able to get my password reset after a few days.

re: Website

I was actually more interested in getting my boyfriend's password. I caught him cheating once and am trying to find out if it has stopped...

I found the Ming Network Spy, but the reviews are so iffy.

re: Website


We're not that kind of hacker. We don't get people's passwords. We're more interested in building 3D printers. Sorry.

Additionally, I'm a software engineer and not a therapist, but I'll say this: your boyfriend is a dirtbag and you deserve better. It doesn't matter if he promises he'll never do it again and he loves you so much and it was just a one time thing and he was drunk and she was coming on to him and it's not what it looks like. Fuck him; throw his ass out on the street and burn his car down while you're at it. He cheated on you once, he'll do it again.



re: Website

Chris, thanks for the info! Sorry, but I had to ask :)

I do engineering and have always wondered how 3D printers work, but I'm in the aerospace/aviation side of things, so a little different :)

Yes, that is my fear. I appreciate your honesty and advice even though I don't know you. After 3.5 years of bliss, I never thought I'd be stooping this low :( It's hard because we work together, and just talked about our future and getting married all the time... and then that all happened. Pretty much a real life Lifetime movie! Thanks for the encouragement :) Means a lot! I definitely have a lot going through my head right now, but with my education and not being back looking, I can definitely find someone that is a catch and will treat me right!

-[REDACTED Name B] ([REDACTED Name A] was a fake name)

re: Website

Hey [REDACTED Name B],

I'm sorry for getting into your personal business. I can't imagine what you're going through. I know it must be pretty tough though.

The long and short of hobby 3D printers is that PLA or ABS plastic filament is fed into a heated extruder, where it melts. Depending on the printer, the extruder and/or the print stage move around, and the extruder deposits the plastic layer by layer to form the figure you're trying to print. Here is a pretty good video that shows the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX46AXfkbso

In aerospace and automotive fields, you often find a different 3D printing technology called laser sintering. It's pretty neat how that works. You start with a thin layer of powdered metal, and you zap that with a laser to draw one layer of the form you're printing. That melts the metal briefly, fusing it together. The machine then deposits another layer of powdered metal and the process repeats. Here's a good video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VImKhUD-8hk

I've seen a neat hack on laser sintering that uses a hot air jet and layers of sugar to print hot air sintered pieces. I couldn't find a video, but here's an article: http://www.engadget.com/2007/05/10/diy-3d-printer-utilizes-hot-air-sugar-to-craft-random-objects/

There are a whole bunch more variations on the theme: using lasers to cure epoxy, using lasers and epoxy to suspend ceramic powder, so on and so forth. It's not exactly turning full scale manufacturing on its ear yet, but 3D printing is absolutely invaluable for rapid prototyping nowadays. As hobbyists, it's almost magical seeing objects being created out of thin air.

Tell you what. If you're in the Chicago area and you want to get out of the house for a few hours, we have an open meeting / hack day every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. We have a pretty decent wood shop, two 3D printers, a laser cutter, an electronics bench, a spray painting booth, and the capacity to host some virtual servers if you want to mess around with that.

All the best,


Subject: enquiry

ear Ladies and Gentleman!

I'm asking you for helping me regarding a problem with my internet.

I need a partner to find out who has all accesses for my account (e.g. email)

I'd notificate this guy at the american justice because I can't get an austrian lawyer.

Could you help me to track this guy and fix my wifi?

Best regards

Subject: maybe urgent and important request

I have been looking to hire a serious and legit hacker as I need a standardized test score Hacked and changed to a desired and later mentioned score . The test is MCAT. . Details will be given upon acceptance of task and reliability of confidentiality and completion of task

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