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This is a manual for ssh:chicago's branding and style. Please refer to this page any time you are designing or editing public-facing documents that represent the hackerspace.


The official full name of the hackerspace is South Side Hackerspace Chicago. It may be stylized as South Side Hackerspace: Chicago or simply South Side Hackerspace. In most texts and software applications, an abbreviation of the full name is usually more appropriate. Acceptable abbreviations are (in order from most to least desired) ssh:chicago / SSH:Chicago, ssh:c / SSHC and SSH. It is acceptable to drop the colon from the abbreviation if necessary (e.g. software limitations). When using an abbreviated name at the start of a sentence, use only the capitalized versions (SSH:Chicago or SSHC). Do not start sentences with the lowercase versions and do not capitalize only one letter (e.g. Ssh:c). Specific guidelines for using abbreviations in our logotype and other graphics are described in the graphics section of this guide.

Graphics: Logo, Font and Colors

ssh:chicago logo

Our logo (colloquially known as the gearling) consists of three elements:

  1. 12-tooth ring gear, in light blue (HEX Color #58B9F7)
  2. White circular field (sometimes referred to as the roundel) covering the interior of the ring gear (HEX Color #FFFFFF)
  3. 6-pointed (Chicago Flag style) star on the interior of the ring gear, on top of the roundel, in red (HEX Color #CC0000)

The logo can be combined with variations of our name to form our logotype. The text of the logotype must be set in the Engschrift (Condensed) variant of DIN 1451. The typical logotype configuration is a horizontal banner with the abbreviation ssh:chicago set to the right of the logo. The gearling must be 2.5 times larger than the x-height of the text and centered vertically with the x-height. An alternative vertical banner configuration shall be defined in the future.

Designers wishing to use our graphic resources may download them from our shared Google Drive folder. For those without Adobe Photoshop, some rendered versions of the logo are available in the wiki file list.