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Our Resource Philosophy

As a member of our hackerspace, you contribute something no one else does. Your unique set of skills, your network of friends/collaborators, and your inventive mind are what you bring to the space. So it isn't a huge surprise that your best resource on a project or conundrum could be another member! We are proud to promote a community of like-minded makers who support one another in their creative ventures. Helping one another is quintessential component of our organizational structure. We raise each other up and learn from our mistakes together. As a member, we hope you will promote this attitude and be good to each other.

Please treat all property, whether it be SSH:C or another member's with respect.

Your Membership

Membership Agreement

When you registered to become a member of SSH:C, you signed a Membership Agreement form! This form indicates what level of membership you selected, as well as the monthly dues. You can find a blank copy of the form here.

Liability Waiver

When you registered to become a member of SSH:C, you signed a Liability Waiver form! This form protects you and SSH:C from any possible mishaps while you tinker your way through every day in our space. If you host or participate in an event at SSH:C, you must sign the waiver. You can find a blank copy of the form here.

Membership Handbook

When you registered for membership, you received an email with a link to our Membership Handbook. This is quick guide to things in/around the space that can be found once again here.


To ensure everyone is treated fairly and all members are held accountable for their actions, we adhere to our Bylaws


Many of our tools and equipment are donations that we have painstakingly brought back to life. If for some reason, a piece of equipment breaks on your watch, please notify the membership immediately as it can cause serious health/safety risks. Please label personal equipment and remove from public spaces or return them to your locker to keep the space tidy and prevent theft.

One of the biggest reasons members join is to access our array of amazing tools. Although we try to keep up, the fluid nature of the hackerspace and our wiley youthful years has made it difficult to keep a strict inventory. Here are our best attempts:

Online Community Resources

  • Guide to the VPN
  • How to access the space's computing resources from the rest of the world
  • IRC is a web-based chatroom service where members and non-members hang out and chat
  • Google based mailing lists where the board and members can start topics regarding personal projects and the space


General Resources


Where can I find current events?

Where can I find recent topics up for membership vote?

Where can I find official SSH:C websites?